Mulethi Churna 100% Pure for Protect the Liver and Digestion


  • It is sweet in taste, delicate, heavy to digest, balsamic, and reinforces the body.
  • Mulethi is generally used to decrease phlegm in cough, cold.
  • If there is a feeling of burning sensation in the throat, nose, chest because of the covered mucus, at that point take this powder with nectar is exceptionally gainful.
  • Pitta is destroyed by the sweetness of this Churna.
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  1. The Mulethi Churna proves to be quite appropriate for the acidity of the stomach.
  2. Utilize this Churna to eliminate ulcers inside the stomach.
  3. The utilization of this diminishes the consuming vibe of urine, and the obstacle of urine is eliminated.
  4. It has always been the tradition of classical Indian singers in India to use this Churna to improve their voice and singing.
  5. The Mulethi Churna consists of expectorant and bronchodilator properties. It eases the symptoms of asthma and also get relief from cough and cold, bronchitis, and sore throat.
  6. The enzymes of the Churna produce macrophages and lymphocyte cells. These cells are useful to prevent the body from pollutants and allergens diseases.
  7. The Churna fills the internal and external injuries of the body rapidly, specifically the utilization of this is advantageous where there is seeping from the wound.
  8. It is additionally advantageous in skin illnesses. For example, to eliminate the pimples of the face, the Churna is utilized. It improves skin tone, eliminates skin bothering, and aggravation.
  9. Due to gas in the stomach, they have stomach torment at night, around then, devouring this Churna with water or milk diminishes stomach hurt. The carbenoxolone present in the powder act as a laxative which provides immediate relief of such issues.
  10. Insomnia due to hormonal imbalance, hot flashes, and mood swings are a disagreeable pain of menopausal women.
  11. Mulethi has effects on PITTA and VATA of the body which helps in the pacification of these aggravated humor.

Instruction to use:

For internal use:
Take one teaspoon of Mulethi Churna with milk/ lukewarm water or as per according directed by a doctor.

Use as a hair mask for controlling hair fall.
Steps 1: Mix the Churna with normal water.
Now, in second Step, you have to apply the prepared paste of the Churna on the hair.
Step 3: Dry your hair by leaving it for 10 minutes.
Step 4: Wash it with normal water or shampoo.

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