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Frequently Asked Question!


At Vedsun natural Herbs, we always insist on avoiding fragrance and exclude it from our formulas. While it enhances the sensory experience with the product, it does not add real value to you and comes at the high cost of a high potential for irritation.

It can cause photosensitivity, dermatitis, skin inflammation, and urticaria in a high level of the skin. Moreover, it can cause subclinical aggravation. That is, it may be harming your skin regardless of whether you don’t see it. There are no known safe focuses excluded from these dangers, which is valid for synthetic and natural fragrances. Therefore, avoiding both is a simple measure to prevent harm.

However, analyzing the formulas may not be an easy task: fragrance does not always appear as a fragrance, perfume, or scent on the ingredient list. In some cases, it takes more guiltless names (particularly in items that guarantee to be natural or for delicate skin).

The naturally created food and items are more nutritious is just expanding. The testing of natural products demonstrates that natural food is connected to better wellbeing since it has more cell reinforcement mixes than standard food. Natural characteristic nourishments don’t include the use of poisonous and constant composts and bug sprays, and natural cultivating strategies give a more secure, more advantageous and more supportable climate for all.

Essential oils are oily liquids, but despite being called “oil” they are not greasy, since they do not contain lipids. Each essential oil is unique, it has its own smell, color, and density. Essential oils are not water-solvent, since they are lighter than water, and don’t blend in with it. Instead, they are soluble in alcohol and any fat. Follow us on Instagram and on Facebook to know any details of essential oils and their different uses. 

This is a significant inquiry. In spite of the fact that only one out of every odd single regular as well as natural item is veggie lover, many are. Vegetarianism and veganism are basic in this day and age, and obliging this populace is turning out to be increasingly fundamental. Creature fixings can be things, for example, meat, hide and fleece and a ton of restorative items are made with goat hair or fish scales. Veggie lover items are another method of settling on earth inviting decisions. What’s more, loads of natural common items are aware of being cold-bloodedness free concerning creature testing, which means they don’t test their items on creatures. Rather, creature free and eco-accommodating items use minerals and plant-based fixings, in any case, in case you don’t know about the item being 100% vegetarian, don’t be reluctant to contact the organization to twofold check.

Obviously yes! natural ingredients are great for acne treatment and prevention. It is also moisturizing and soothing. Some natural essential oil is great for dryness and skin inflammation. Natural products smell great, calms the senses and helps in the skin healing process. 

Yes. Apart from possible allergies, they are totally prohibited for some people. Others must be handled with caution and chosen with great care. In each essential oil we show the contraindications, so you can see whether or not you can use it.

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