Charcoal Face Pack for Men and Women to Clean Skin Dirt


  1. The use of charcoal has become common for beauty products because of various benefits.
  2. Vedsun Charcoal Face Pack helps in eliminating facial acne.
  3. Regular application of the pack for treating tanning and pigmentation shows an effective result.
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  1. When your skin gets direct exposure to the sun it causes dryness and dullness. In this situation, the application of Vedsun Charcoal Face Pack prevents the side effects of sun rays.
  2. This is a way for protecting your skin from the pollution and its side effects which exerts the toxin.
  3. The pack is excellent for extracting dirt and oil from the skin. Regular use of the pack on your face removes it and makes your skin clean and healthy.
  4. Charcoal Face Pack cleanses the skin and makes it smooth.
  5. It contains elements to make your skin healthy
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