Castor Oil – 100% Natural for Hair growth, Skincare & knee pain

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  • Constipation is treated by using this oil.
  • This cleans intestines before a bowel examination/surgery
  • It helps in getting the waste product out of the body easily.
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  • Castor Oil is obtained from the castor bean, or we can say it, Ricinus communis.
  • It fights against inflammation because of ricinoleic acid in it.
  • It promotes the growth of hair, prevents its loss, and enhances the health of hair follicles.
  • Castor Oil is used for medicinal and pharmaceutical purposes.
  • It is used in skincare products for protecting against the breakage of skins.
  • It is also famous for the remedy for skin diseases and constipation. Therefore, it is broadly utilized in beauty items.

How to Use:

Take this as per the consultation of a doctor. If you are treating yourself, follow all directions of use on the product package.
For improving the taste, you can take it with milk.

Precautions: Do not take this medicine more often than directed by the physician.

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3.6 × 3.6 cm

50 ML, 100 ML, 200 ML, 500 ML

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