Walnut Oil 100% Pure and Organic for Hair, Skin, and Facecare


  • The risk of diabetes is expanding quickly on the planet. Eating this oil helps in controlling diabetes and keep the heart-healthy.
  • It contains linoleic acid, which can assist control with blooding pressure and improve the flow of blood (Vascular Resistance).
  • The upsides of this oil in controlling weight can also be seen. It contains omega-3 unsaturated fats.
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  • It is capable of maintaining the moisture of the skin.
  • There are a few mixes found in Walnut, for example, Jagalon which help in keeping the body healthy.
  • Increasing age and deficiencies in nutrition can cause balding. Alongside these, contamination, oxidative pressure brought about by UV beams, and the impact of free radicals can also cause balding. This oil can work in such circumstances.
  • Walnut Oil can be utilized to get relief from hair falls and dandruff. Zinc is accepted to be found in the oil, which is beneficial.

How to Use

For health purposes: This oil can be used in salads. According to the number of salads, the oil can be mixed from half to one teaspoon.

For skin: Take a few drops of oil for the skin. Rub your face with the assistance of fingertips.

For hair: The scalp can be rubbed with the oil to receive its rewards for hair. If you need, you can massage the scalp with a mixture of Walnut oil and coconut oil.

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