Lemon Powder- Beneficial in Constipation and Skin Problems

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  • Vedsun Lemmon Powder detoxifies the body, just as it diminishes oxidative pressure in the body.
  • To keep the body sound and battle against infections, this is important to stay stable of the insusceptible framework. The utilization of this powder can be gainful in boosting insusceptibility.
  • It can be gainful to decrease the issue of Cholesterol and keep heart-solid. The gelatine found in the powder has a hypocholesterolemic impact, which serves somewhat in bringing down Cholesterol.
  • The utilization of powder helps in eliminating numerous kinds of diseases. These incorporate issues brought about by bacterial and parasitic contaminations, for example, dermatophytes.
  • The powder is utilizing in stomach issues. Besides, the stomach related framework also improved with the problem of nerve bladder stones.
  • The powder has benefits for wellbeing, just as skincare. Polyphenols are found in the powder, which has hostile to maturing (decreasing maturing) and cell reinforcement properties (warding off free extremists).
  • During Consumption, calcium-rich food is gainful for bones. As per an examination foundation in Iran, lemon strip contains calcium, and calcium can help fabricate and reinforce bones as construct bones.

Instruction to use: 

The paste of Lemon powder, rice flour, and milk can utilize to make family confront veils.

For stomach related Problem: Take a half gram of this powder with tepid water consistently.

Diabetic individuals should take a teaspoon of powder day by day by blending a little turmeric juice.

For skin purpose: 

First Step:  Mix lemon powder with the lukewarm water in a glass bowl.

(Note: please don’t use any metal bowl)

Second Step: Wash your skin and dry it with a cotton towel.

Third Step: Apply the paste of the powder on the skin with the help of a brush.

Fourth Step: Lave it for 20 to 30 minutes. Finally, Wash it with lukewarm water.

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