Tulsi Oil- An Oil Extracted from 5 Rare Tulsi (Holy Basil)


  • It purifies the blood from toxins and treats acne.
  • The oil is beneficial for the face by preventing it with blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Basil Oil has a profound effect on the treatment and prevention of cardiovascular diseases.
  • The oil helps in lowering blood lipid content, suppressing ischemia and stroke.
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  • In the treatment of infection: The Tulsi Oil is very useful for the treatment of many types of infections such as bladder infection, cuts infection, skin infection, wound infection, etc.
  • For improving digestion: Due to the presence of air quality in basil oil, you can get rid of problems like indigestion, constipation, flatulence, and cramps.
  • In the treatment of itching: Basil oil is the best way to relieve itching caused due to insect bites or snake bites. With this, you can better treat this kind of itching. It can also be used for commonly occurring itching.
  • For hair: Basil oil has an important role in treating many hair problems. If you are troubled by dandruff, dry hair, and itching, using basil oil mixed with coconut oil will give relief.
  • Removing Kill Acne: With the help of a face pack made with the use of basil oil, rose water, sandalwood powder, and lemon juice, you can avoid pimples.

The medicinal value of the basil plant is very high. In the whole world, many types of medicines are being manufactured from Tulsi. In which basil oil obtained from holy basil leaves is also included. Tulsi oil is quite popular in India, Europe, and South-East Asia. Salads and pasta are also prepared and eaten in many places. It is also necessary to know the advantages and disadvantages of basil oil. So that you can use it properly.

Precaution for using tulsi oil
  • Those whose blood pressure is low, do not use it because it reduces the blood pressure.
  • Pregnant ladies and lactating mothers should also avoid its use.
  • It should not be used even during surgery as it increases bleeding.

Instruction to use:

Basil essential oil can be used both topically and fragrantly. Simple diffusion or inhalation is always a great way to scent the benefits of an oil, and the same is true for basil. You can enjoy the scent of basil alone or use it to make a diffuser mixture that also contains other oils.

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