Rose Powder Face Pack For Glowing Skin (No Chemical)


  • Rose Powder Face Pack is made with rose petals, which make you beautiful and soften your face.
  • This powder is rich in vitamins such as Vitamins-C, vitamin-B, and vitamin-K are found in them.
  • It helps repair cells of the skin, which are damaged, and protect them from keeping you younger.
  • The medical value of this powder also aids in that it treats and protects constipation and heals depression.
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  1. Vedsun Rose Powder Face Pack contains the antioxidant’s property in rich quantity.
  2. It saves your skin from active harmful microbes.
  3. Face pack works to compensate for the skin damage due to sun-dust and pollution.
  4. If you want to bring a radiant glow to the face, you can apply this face pack prepared with a rose.
  5. It removes skin blackness, removes dark circles, prevents Acne and pimples.
  6. Vedsun Rose Powder Face Pack has a pleasant fragrance, which helps it to treat a person who has insomnia.
  7. Due to the rich anti-inflammatory properties, the powder helps to get rid of scalp dryness and itching.
  8. You can replace your toner scrubs, face masks, cleanser of skins with this product.
  9. The powder acts as a coolant for your skin and fights against skin pigmentation.


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