Ortho Ten Pen Relief Oil- An Oil for Body and Muscular Pains


  • Ortho Ten Pain Relief Oil is useful in joint pain, back pain, body pain, and other Vata Roga.
  • It is used for massaging painful musculoskeletal tissues.
  • It gives relief in inflammation or stiffness in the joints.
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  • In today’s time, there is hardly anyone who does not have any kind of pain or disease in the body. Problems like clutches and backache used to occur only after the age of 50 years. But due to today’s food and work stresses, these problems are coming up at a very young age. Pain relief oils are a panacea treatment to overcome these problems.
  • Ortho Ten Pen Relief Oil is made from the pain-relieving properties of herbs like Gandapura and Nirgundi. It helps to relieve joint and muscle pains.
  • Quickly absorbing Absorb in muscle, Ortho Ten Pen Relief Oil absorbs easily and helps to reduce stiffness in muscles and organs, swelling, pain, and improve mobility.

Properties of the constituent matter of Ortho Ten Pain Relief Oil
  • Linseed oil- Also oil – Flaxseed oil has the properties of healing and anti-inflammatory which helps in reducing joint inflammation, as well as being the main source of omega-3.
  • Kapoor oil- Kapoor oil – This Ayurvedic oil has a natural pain-relieving effect and helps to increase blood circulation in the hard muscles.
  • Mint oil- Pudina oil – This herbal oil contains menthol which is the best means to provide coolness to the body and to cure joint pain.
  • Gandhara oil – Gandhpura oil – This oil is known in Ayurveda as a good oil to treat arthritis, joint, and muscle aches.
  • Pine oil – Cheed oil – Pine oil relieves joint pain due to its saponin and flavonoid elements.
  • Jyotishmati oil- Jyotismati oil – Phytochemicals are found in Jyotishmati oil which reduces muscles, joints, and shoulder pain.
  • Nirgundi oil – Nirundi oil – Nirgundi oil relieves you from inflammation, relieves swelling and pain in joints.
  • Sesame oil- Til oil- Massage of sesame oil is the best way to cure both mild and severe pain. It is always a famous drug for fighting muscle and joint pain.

Instruction to Use:

In the method of applying ortho Ten oil, it is applied on the painful area, let’s know how it looks

  • First, take Ortho Ten Pain Relief oil from 5 ml to 10 ml.
  • Then apply the oil to the affected area with a light hand.
  • Then gently massage. Repeat it twice a day
  • Or use the method as prescribed by the doctor
Weight 50 g
Dimensions 3.7 × 7.6 × 10.8 cm


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