Kasturi Haldi powder (Wild Turmeric) 100% Pure and Natural


  • Wild turmeric is found to have high disinfectant, hostile to bacterial and against oxidant properties despite these properties that can alleviate pimples just as many skin issues.
  • It is one of the most common elements used for excellence in antiquated Ayurveda.
  • Normal turmeric is different from the Musk turmeric.

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  • It looks a lot like raw turmeric, its cover resembles ginger, and the internal turmeric is light coloured.
  • It contains numerous enemies of bacterial specialists.
  • It doesn’t cause any stains or yellowing when utilized in makeup.
  • Suntan happens in each season, winter or summer. The unsafe UV beams of the sun cause direct contact tanning of the skin that is treated by Kasturi Haldi powder.
  • Dark circles are the biggest hand, in making your face look awful. For fixing them totally, you can remove them with this.
  • Because of the absence of moisture noticeable all around and not drinking enough water, the skin begins to blow dry. We can hydrate it by utilizing this.

How to use:

  1. For eliminating stretch imprints
    Mix Kasturi Haldi powder and conch powder with curd and put it on the affected region. After taking thirty minutes, wash it with clean water. Use it thrice in a week.
  2. For eliminating pigmentation
    Add some milk to one teaspoon of wild turmeric, and mix it. Apply it on the face by hand, and leave for 20 minutes. Take clean water and wash your face. Regular utilization of this pack will profoundly scrub the skin and you will understand that your skin looks brilliant with a ton of newness.
  3. For eliminating pimples and spots
    In a bowl, blend neem powder, the nectar with it and apply just on the skin inflammation spots. In the next two days, you will see that the pimples start ending from the root.
  4. For sleek skin
    Sleek skin cause issues like zits, pimple, pigmentation. By utilizing it you will get mitigated. For this treatment, make a paste of sandalwood powder and squeezed orange with musk turmeric powder. Apply this paste with a hand on the face and leave it for 20 minutes. Afterward, using clean water wash your face. It will assimilate the oil on the skin while engrossing the oil.
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