Giloy Powder – A natural treatment of inflammatory conditions


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  • Regular intake of the Giloy Powder keeps the digestive system healthy.
  • The consumption of this powder increases the number of platelets in the blood of a person’s body.
  • People going through diabetes should take this powder on a regular basis for their benefits. It is a blessing of nature for diabetes patients.
  • A person suffering from obesity should consume Giloy Powder daily.
  • If there is a lack of blood in the body due to worms present in the stomach, then the victim should take this regularly for a few days for its removal.
  • The Giloy Powder excretes toxins from the body because of antioxidant property from the kidneys and liver and cleanses the blood. Drinking of this powder will enhance the immune system for fighting against many diseases.
  • If it is regularly getting ill by problems like cough and cold, then he can take this powder.
  • Ayurveda tells that two factors is mainly responsible for diseases that are toxicity in the body and the improper digestion. The powder acts surprisingly in these situations because of the antipyretic properties of the herb. This property helps to increase your recovery rate.
  • When the paste of this powder is applied over the eye gives relieve from eye irritation and improves your eyesight.

How to use:

Use for eye-related problem: Take this one teaspoon powder with 5 ml of Amla juice, or is boil the powder in water, once it is cool apply it on the eyes for 15 minutes.

Digestive Problem tretment: Take a half gram of this powder with Amla regularly.

Diabetic person can take 5 grams of powder once in a day by mixing a little turmeric juice.

Use for Obesity: Taking one spoon of powder with one spoon of honey in the morning and evening ends this problem.

Use for Cough: Take two teaspoons of the powder in the morning.

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