Celastrus Oil – A Natural Oil Beneficial for Health and Skin


  • Properties of Celastrus: Celastrus is extremely attentive and meditative. Its juice is sharp and in qualities, it is bitter and strong. The semen of Jyotishmati is warm and after digestion, it is also bitter. It suppresses Vata and phlegm due to having balsamic and warm semen.
  • The fruits of Celastrus come in the month of October to January. They are round, yellow, and divided into three sections like peas. Each segment of the fruit produces one or two seeds, which are of capillary color.
  • In epilepsy, using small amounts of Kasturi mixed with the oil gives relief from epilepsy.
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  • Celastrus is also known as Malkangani in Hindi. It is a hilltop that is often seen in mountainous regions of entire India. Malkangani is an arohini with a flowering pile. Whose branches are bent on which there are white colored dots.
  • The addresses of Malkangani / Jyotishmati are 2.5 to 5 inches long and 1.25 to 2.50 inches wide in size for common addresses. These addresses are elliptical and forward-pointed which are moderately hard. Its flowers come in the summer season which is yellow and some green color. They persist in bunches and have 3-4 fingers long.
  • Malkangan Chemical Organization: Its seeds contain 52.2 percent thick and bitter oil, a resinous substance, and a small amount of astringent liquid. The oil from Malkangani seeds is of two colors – yellow and black. This color is due to their method of extracting oil and other auxiliary liquids added to it.
  • In depression: Taking an equal quantity of Malakangani oil mixed with Churned Brahmi powder provides relief in depression and memory sickness. As another experiment, you can also use Shankha Pushpa.
  • Arthritis: Malkangani, black cumin, celery, fenugreek, and black pickle – make them coarsely ground with equal quantity. Sieve this oil by heating it in castor oil. Use this oil endemic. There will be relief in joint pain and swelling.
  • Physical weakness: Using 4 drops of Malkangani oil with milk or butter removes physical weakness and also sharpens the mind. Toast its seeds in pure ghee of cow and mix equal quantity of sugar candy and take it, it also removes weakness. You can also use ashwagandha and asparagus with these experiments.
  • Impotence: In impotence, eating 10 drops of Jyotishmati oil on the pan of Nagbel, the impotence is removed. Put its oil on betel leaves and tie it on your penis at night and sleep. This experiment also relieves premature ejaculation and impotence. To remove masculine weakness, you get strength by eating its seeds mixed with kheer.
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