Carom Seeds (Ajwain) Oil- An essential Oil for Wellness

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  • Helps to Dissolve Kidney Stones and treats the urinary infection.
  • Consumption of the Carom Seeds Oil helps in reducing weight and cures Hiccups Instantly.
  • It improves digestion and sex life of a married couple. It also aids to your mouth problems and gives you a refreshing smell.
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  • For skin-related diseases – The Carom Seeds Oil contains antibiotic property. So, If you get any injury on your body, you can apply this oil on it. It also helps to reduce urinary infections.
  • For digestion- If you add a little bit of this oil to your food, then your food gets digested quickly. Problems related to the intestines, then celery oil is also very beneficial in it.
  • To remove stress- If you are living in a lot of stress then you should definitely eat this oil as it will help you to relieve stress. If you are smelling this oil it refreshes you.
  • For pain relief: If you have a toothache then the oil is like a magic to reduce this pain. You should massage your body parts with the Carom Seeds Oil for reducing body and joint pains.
  • For acne- If you have too many pimples on your face, then you should apply this oil on it. Applying it regularly will reduce the redness of your pimples and eliminate your acne stains.


Carom seeds oil is a storehouse of therapeutic properties, it is utilized a great deal in Ayurveda just as in the kitchen. It improves the flavour of food, however, it likewise helps in fending off the numerous sicknesses. This is awesome for our stomach and furthermore helps in lessening weight. The oil contains two basic things that are carvacrol and thymol. Carvacrol is a kind of cell reinforcement, though Carvacrol is an enemy of bacterial. From this article, you can get data about the focal points, detriments of celery oil, and how it is utilized. The oil contains the property of anti-bacteria which protects from the microscopic organisms present inside and outside our body. It helps battle tapeworms, roundworms, and different microorganisms. Aside from this, they likewise go to our skin. Celery oil gives us security from these microbes.


For Skin: Apply the oil on the skin with coconut oil. 3 to 4 drops of this oil are enough for use. Using more than this can develop redness and irritation on your skin.

For Digestion: You have to add less than half a teaspoon of the oil to your vegetable. This will lead to removing skin diseases.

Precaution: Never apply this oil directly on your skin. You can use this oil with water on the skins.

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