Camphor Oil (Kapoor Tel) for Hair, Skins and Healthy Beauty


  • Camphor has a strong fragrance that helps in killing the lice.
  • It thoroughly cleanses your hair scalp. It works as a disinfecting agent for your hair.
  • Our hair starts to lose the shine and softness as it gets exposed to polluted air and harmful rays of the sun.
  • The application of camphor oil on the hair makes it soft and boosts hair growth.
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  • Kapoor has religious significance in Hindu tradition. It is an important part of worship practices. Kapoor is said to be full of medicinal properties. It can prove to be beneficial in your health as well as beauty. Learn how you can get rid of torn ankles and lips by using oil. Camphor is also used to keep old woolen clothes safe from insects during the winter season. Apart from all this, camphor also has many medicinal properties. Although this oil is also available in the market, preparing it at home is more pure and beneficial. To make it at home, put a few pieces of camphor in coconut oil and fill it in an airtight container. In time, this coconut oil will absorb the elements of camphor.
  • The oil is very effective for boils, pimples, and pimples. This not only reduces pimples but can also eliminate the old acne spots on the skin from the root. Not a magical advantage.
  • Any type of skin problem, camphor oil eliminates it and gives you clean, healthy, smooth, and smooth skin. It is also an effective remedy for skin allergies or burns.
  • This oil is also very effective in internal pain. If there is a pain in any part of the body, by lukewarm oil of this camphor, massaging at that place gives relief from pain.
  • Using this oil is beneficial to reduce stress. Applying it on the forehead or massaging it in the hair proves helpful in reducing stress.
  • Whether it is hair loss or dandruff problem, massaging with camphor oil is very helpful and beneficial in solving both these problems. It is also helpful in regrowing hair.
  • Kapoor is good for hair loss and baldness. Because it helps them grow again and also makes thin hair thicker. Massage with camphor oil to control hair fall.
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